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The wealth of practical advice and tips on all topics turf from the GreenCast Advisory Turf Management Blog has now been recognised with the award of an annual BASIS Professional Register CPD point for subscribers. See the details below.

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The GreenCast Advisory Turf Management Blog is written primarily by Technical Manager, Sean Loakes, with topical contributions from Glenn Kirby, Daniel Lightfoot and other guest writers. 

"The Greencast Advisory team have many years' experience of day-to-day golf course management, and the pressures greenkeepers face," reported Sean.

"The Blog gives the chance to offer our personal opinions and thoughts on a wide range of topics and the issues they create."

The style is very conversational and thought provoking, that is intended to create interactive discussion. The Blog also delves deeper into many of the topcs raised in the On Tthe Horizon with Glenn an Henry turf management podcast.  

Recent Blog topics include:

  • First frost implications for Microdochium
  • Challenges of wet courses
  • What future for turf with climate change?
  • Tracking the spread of cranefly hatch
  • Etioiliated growth - why? Just why?


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Subscribers to the GreenCast Advisory Turf Management Blog can register with BASIS Professional Register, with two periods covering the whole year for 2023. Submit your claim in the same way as on-line training or magazine subscription:

CP/124203/2323/h - for the period 1st January to end of May 

CP/124203/2324/h - for the period 1st June to end of December 

Visit the GreenCast Advisory Turf Management Blog here