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  • Integrated strategies on trial


    As we move in to an era where ITM programmes consist of many parts, then breaking that down into individual components and assessing the value of each, one at a time, is crucial...

  • Links Club meeting highlights covid challenges

    Customer Insight

    Stress impacts have become more severe for greenkeepers since the onset of the pandemic. The Links Club has recognised potential implications for the industry, and the importanc...

  • Wet outlook for disease attack

    Disease Control

    As we now move into late autumn and early winter, leaves remain wetter for longer and growth slows, while it is still sufficiently warm for microdochium activity. Combined, that...

  • Disease trials tackle autumn fungicide timing

    Disease Control

    Ongoing assessments of this season’s trials, at STRI in Yorkshire, have shown a two-spray FR321 programme maintained almost complete microdochium (fusarium patch) control going...

  • Autumn switch point for fungicide choice

    Disease Control

    Autumn disease control programmes are typically the most important timing to protect turf quality. Yet conditions frequently pose the most challenging decisions for greenkeeping...

  • FR321 on course experience

    Customer Insight

    Dorian Ansell, Head Greenkeeper at Clacton Golf Club has welcomed the convenience and specific combination of products in FR321 for renovation timing with the one box solution....


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