Syngenta Art of Application Videos

A of A Targeting applications CTL image

Targeting applications

Glenn Kirby explains why it's crucial to establish the target you want to hit before

A of A XC Nozzles explained CTL image

Tank test for turf nozzles

Glenn Kirby shows the science of nozzle technology and how to choose the best for

A of A Nozzle performance in practice CTL image

Nozzle performance in practice

See how the different Syngenta XC Nozzles perform in practice and the drift risk of

A of A XC 025 explained CTL image

Syngenta XC 025 Nozzles explained

How XC 025 Nozzles work to target foliar applications explained

A of A XC 04 explained CTL image

Syngenta XC 04 Nozzles explained

Red XC 04 Nozzles are the best choice to target leaf and crown applications. Find out

A of A XC 08 explained CTL image

Syngenta XC 08 Nozzles explained

For getting applications into the soil the XC 08 is the nozzle of choice. Find out

Nozzle drift CTL

How XC Nozzles can help you manage drift

The innovative design of Syngenta XC Nozzles can help to significantly manage the

XC vs air induction CTL

XC Nozzles vs standard air induction

Air induction nozzles are great to reduce the risk of drift, but run the risk of poor

XC vs flat fan CTL

XC Nozzles vs standard flat fans

Flat fan nozzles can give good results on turf in ideal conditions. But they do have

Droplet sizes explained CTL

Understanding droplet size

Droplet size is a crucial element of delivering spray onto the intended target. Glenn

Top Tips CTL

Glenn's Top Tips for turf spraying

Watch a great compilation of Glenn Kirby's practical tips and tricks to get the best