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Help restore numbers of bumblebees and other pollinating insects on your course.

Wildflower seeds on Turf Rewards

Get wildflower seeds with Turf Rewards

You can now order wildflower seeds for Operation Pollinator habitat creation using Turf Rewards points from Synegnta and ICL. There are mixes selected specifically for parkland, heathland and links style courses.  

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Over the coming seasons we are supporting golf clubs to establish and manage areas of

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Operation Pollinator is creating new habitats for struggling populations of

Bumblebee ID Guide

There are 24 species of bumblebee in the UK. Some are relatively common and

Wildflower ID guide

See some of the pollen & nectar rich wildflowers you could consider for your site -

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Operation Pollinator has an important role in restoring essential habitats for

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Operation Pollinator is designed to enhance the ecological value of selected areas of

Study Reveals Insect Life

Golf courses provide an essential haven for some of the UKs most endangered insect

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Operation Pollinator brings the golf course to life