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The new Turf Advisor app gives instant access to a wealth of key information and advice to help make better decisions for day-to-day actions and planning.

Fully customisable for any location and situation, the revolutionary Turf Advisor app provides essential weather data and turf management models, presented in a clear dashboard that can be tailored and adapted through the season to focus on imminent issues and challenges faced.

“With Turf Advisor we now have objective data and records that can help support stronger practical turf management decisions."

Take a look at what's available and how you can use it:

Turf Advisor Risk Models - Microdochium Patch

Identify periods of microdochium patch risk for ITM strategies and better time preventative fungicide applications. Track recent history of risk events and forecasts for coming days.

Watch the Turf Advisor Tutorial here  

Turf Advisor - Your dashboard options

When you initially set up Turf Advisor you can select which data sets to show in the profiles on your dashboard. These data sets can be added or deleted at any time during the season, as well as prioritised in the dashboard view, according to different

Turf Advisor data - Air temperature

Temperature is a major driver of disease development, as well as turf growth and stress factors.

Turf Advisor Risk Models - Smith Kerns Dollar spot

The Smith Kerns model tracks temperature and humidity to predict the risk of Dollar spot outbreaks. Fungicide treatment programmes typically commemnce when the model consistently shows pressure in excess of 20%.

Turf Advisor decision support - Spray windows

Use spray windows in conjunction with Turf Advisor risk models and turf tools to time applications. Ensure you can get protection in place ahead of disease risk, or Primo Maxx II programmes on schedule.  

Turf Advisor decision support - Leaf wetness

Leaf wetness - from rain, and dew, is essential for many diseases to develop. Turf advisor indicates the number of hours in a day when leaves will be wet, in excess of 40%, along with a two week average duration of leaf wetness.

Turf Advisor decision support - Growth potential

The new Syngenta Growth Potential model incorporates data on weather influences for turf growth, providing a clearer and more accurate indication of growth and turf health.

Turf Advisor decision support - Growth Degree Days

Growth Degree Days, or GDD, is widely recognised as a key indicator for a wide range of turf management operations and inputs, including PGR interval, nutrition and fungicide longevity. Track daily levels, forecast data and a historic two-week average.


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Dollar spot dashboard - See how to set yours

Find out how you can set up Turf Advisor to show the climatic conditions and risk models that indicate pressure and influence your turf management decisions 

Tackling microdochium

Tackling microdochium - See how to set up your Turf Advisor dashboard

Find out more about the weather metrics that influence disease development and what to watch out for.

Growth Potential image

Growth Potential - See how to set up your Turf Advisor dashboard

See which of the Turf Advisor tools can help track Growth Potential that influences most management decisions

Moisture management

Managing moisture - see how to set up your dashboard

See which sets of weather data available on Turf Advisor can help you plan irrigation and other moisture management actions.

Some of the key features you can select and prioritise for your personalised dashboard:


  • Air Temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Cloud coverage
  • Wind speed & direction
  • Soil temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sun path


  • Growing Degree Days
  • Growth Potential
  • Leaf wetness
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Spray window


  • Microdochium patch 
  • Anthracnose
  • Smith Kerns Dollar spot
  • Grey leaf spot 



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