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GI dollar spot CTA

Pay back on dollar spot investment

Climatic conditions for dollar spot are occurring more frequently, and some of the...

InSight thumbnail moisture

ITM approach to moisture

ITM strategies to improve water resource use can use the full toolbox of techniques to...

Application GI image

Sprayer set up for application

Golf courses present one of the greatest challenges for application. Setting up your...

October InSight landing page image

Wet outlook for disease attack

Find out why duration of leaf wetness is so important for turf disease control and how...

Fungicide switch Insight page CTA

Autumn switch point for fungicides

Autumn disease control programmes are typically the most important timing to protect...

Insight leatherjacket teaser image

Timing for action on leatherjacket

See the results of the latest Syngenta leatherjacket research to optimise pest control...

CTA image for fairy ring

Away with the fairy rings

As a soil pathogen fairy ring demands a whole new mindset to turf disease control

InSight image for anthracnose

Get ahead of anthracnose

Anthracnose responds well to early ITM prevention. Find out what you can do now to...

GDD feature teaser

GDD - What's your number?

Find out why GDD is important to manage consistent turf growth and how you can track...

GI feature crane fly

Larvae damage erupts early

Spring damage from leatherjackets is being reported earlier and with more serious...

Moisture meter article

Get ahead of the dry down curve

Find out what you need to do to avoid damage when greens dry down too quickly in the...

Amino acids insight teaser

Amino acids explained

New turf research has demonstrated why supplementing specific key amino acids through...

GI Header for winter chill

Chilling effect of winter disease fears

The challenge of winter disease control is the greatest concern of greenkeepers and...

Stress STRI Insight image

STRI trial shows summer stress success

Read the details and watch the round-up video of the STRI stress trial results

August leatherjacket teaser

Climate warms up for pest activity

Glenn Kirby reviews the latest trends that indicate temperatures are warming up, with...

July Summer stress teaser image

Coping with summer stress

Techniques to help better manage turf stress through summer, and maintain consistent...

GDD explained CTA image

GDD explained for turf decisions

Find out more about how GDD is calculated, and what the figures mean to help turf...

CTA Teaser for mowing green

Primo Maxx myths busted

Primo Maxx II can save time and costs of mowing. Find out how to get the best results...

Contact application GI CTA

Contact application to cover leaf target

Application advice to get the best from your contact products this winter

Fungicide longevity CTA teaser

How long will your fungicide last?

Find out what factors influence how long the effects of a fungicide application will...

CTA for Oct Insight weather changes

Challenge of weather changes

Meteorological science indicates the clear trend to warmer weather patterns, but...

GI root mass header

Mass build up for roots

Techniques and advice to build up root mass this autumn for more winter resilient turf...

Insight image for renovation

Prepare for recovery

Tips to aid faster recovery after this season's renovations

InSight news image soil application

Soil application on target

Selecting the appropriate nozzle and water volume can help to get soil treatments...

Insight - Anthracnose summer sun image

Anthracnose on a knife edge

Summer actions necessary to maintain and improve turf quality can put extra stress on...

See the footprint of summer stress on

When turf starts to wilt, it can be difficult to pinpoint the causes......

Getting the most from your water

As summer approaches it’s time to think about a drying down strategy......