Syngenta turf product technical summary sheets

Medallion TL

Find out more about the explosive performance of Medallion TL in fungicide programmes


Find out how the natural origins of Heritage adds broad spectrum protection to turf

Primo Maxx II

Find out more on potential for turf quality and cost saving benefits of Primo Maxx II


Protect turf from damaging UV light and get the colour you want with Ryder


Make valuable time savings and get reliable results for weed control with Overtake

Acelepryn PSS image


Find out about leatherjacket and chafer grub control with Acelepryn insecticide

Instrata Elite

See how Instrata Elite works to protect on the leaf surface and inside the plant


Find out how Ascernity works to add power and flexibility to turf disease control


Manage soil moisture more effectively and turf health benefits of Qualiba


Find out about the unique properties of Hicure to help turf cope with stress

XC Nozzles

Get every turf application on target for optimum results using the XC Nozzle range