BIGGA Continue to Learn - Leatherjacket management

Product Update
BTME 2023 Continue to Learn leatherjacket management

Syngenta Technical Managers, Sean Loakes and Glenn Kirby, presented the latest thinking and results for integrated leatherjacket control strategies at BTME 2023, as part of the BIGGA Continue to Learn programme.

Now you can catch up on their presentation and find out more of the tips and tricks to reduce impacts of the pest across the golf course.

Watch the presentation here

It includes advice on where best to prioritise the limited availability for Acelepryn application, and where that can be  supplemented with NemaTrident beneficial nematode treatments to bolster the effects, or protect lower pressure areas.

Allied to that are the integrated techniques to promote rooting and stronger turf growth that is more resilient to leatherjacket pest damage, with faster recovery.