Catch up opportunity for weed control in turf

Product Update

Good growing conditions offer the chance for effective broad-leaved weed control going into the autumn this year, to prevent germinating weed seedlings from establishing as a greater problem later in the season.

While spring application has typically been the norm for broad-leaved weed control on golf courses and amenity turf, there is an extra opportunity this year to maintain better control with Overtake applications through late summer and early autumn, advises Syngenta Technical Manager, Sean Loakes.

“The best results will be achieved when weeds are actively growing," he advised.

"If conditions get too hot or dry during the summer weed control with all herbicides can be reduced,” he warned. “But where soils are still warm and there is ample moisture, weeds will germinate and grow in any gaps.

“Removing active weed seedlings with Overtake in the late summer or early autumn gives great results and the chance to rejuvenate a clean grass sward for the winter.”

Sean advocated that overseeding during extended autumn growing conditions after treatment will help to fill gaps in the sward with desirable grasses and shade out potential for further establishing weeds. Overseeding can take place from four weeks after Overtake treatment.

“Maintaining turf with a Primo Maxx II PGR programme will also encourage grasses to spread and fill gaps, as well as better establishment of turf seedlings,” he added.

Furthermore, with the turf in Primo Maxx II regulation at the time of treatment it may also be possible to wait a few days after the herbicide application before mowing, which will further help with the herbicide uptake and weed kill.

During the busy autumn work schedule Sean highlighted the advantage of Overtake, which is optimised for application in a water volume of just 200 l/ha, will save time and minimise any interruption in play.

Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles 025 & 04

“Application with the Syngenta XC 04 Foliar Nozzle delivers the 200 l/ha water volume at 8 km/hr at a pressure of 2.0 bar, which is ideal for coverage of the leaf,” he recommended. “For treatment on greens, the 025 version of the XC Nozzle would deliver the same water volume at 5 km/hr.

“The nozzles’ unique design also reduces the risk of drift, to maximise deposition on the intended target area and protect wildflowers or ecological areas alongside fairways or greens.”

The mix of two active ingredients in Overtake covers a broad spectrum of key broad-leaved weed species in amenity and sports turf grass. They also work in different ways on young weeds to disrupt and kill new growth, with effects starting to be seen within days of application.    

Sean pointed out that the label does only permit one application of Overtake per year, at a rate of 2.0 l/ha. “If you didn’t treat turf with it in the spring there is still the chance to take advantage now, or as an alternative if another product with a single permitted application per season was used earlier in the season.

“That can still be followed up with Overtake next spring when weeds are actively growing as conditions warm up.” Overtake purchases can qualify for the Syngenta/ICL Turf Rewards programme.

Overtake is distributed in the UK and Ireland by ICL Ltd.