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Authorisation Number: 
Emergency Authorisation Number: 0682 of 2021
Pack size: 
0.6 Litre
Activity Group: 
SC Suspension concentrate

EMERGENCY AUTHORISATION for Acelepryn offers the potential to control economically damaging infestations of chafer grubs, from accurate timing and treatment at egg laying - to target larvae at early 1st and 2nd stage instars. The EA covers greens, tees and limited areas of affected fairways on golf courses, along with horse race courses and gallops and airfields.

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End date of use by growers: 

Legal warning

Re-entry Period

  • 1 use per year

Hazard Statements

  • H400: Very toxic to aquatic life
  • H410: Very toxic to eaquatic life with long lasting effects
  • EUH208: Contains 1 ,2-benzisothiazol-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction
  • EUH401: To avoid risk to human health abd the environment, comply with the instructions for use

Precautionary Statements

  • P391: Collect spillage
  • P501: Dispose of contents/container to a licensed hazardous waste disposal contractor or collection site except for empty triple rinsed containers which can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste

Personal Protective Equipment

  • No special protective equipment required

Implementation particular terms

Acelepryn is active on the 1st and 2nd instar stages only. The optimum time of application is before the start of egg-laying since the product needs time to move through the thatch layer to the zone where the grubs and larvae reside.

Avoid spraying within 5 m of the field boundary to reduce effects on non-target insects or other arthropods.
The best available application technique, which minimises off-target drift should be used to reduce effects on non-target insects or other arthropods.
To protect bees and pollinating insects do not apply to crops when in flower. Do not use when bees are actively foraging (i.e. apply in the early morning or late evening). Do not apply where other flowering plants are present.

Mixing and spraying

Make sure the sprayer is set to give an even application at the correct volume. Apply as a medium spray.
Fill the spray tank with half the required volume of clean water and start agitation. Add the required amount of ACELEPRYN and continue agitation whilst adding the rest of the water. Agitate the mixture thoroughly before use and continue agitation during spraying.
Take particular care to avoid overlapping of spray swaths.
Thoroughly wash all spray and measuring equipment with water and a wetting agent immediately after use.

Water volume

600-1000 l/ha water
Acelepryn should be irrigated immediately after application, where possible.

Tank mix stability


Minor use

Golf course greens, tees and limited use on fairways (affected areas subject to a limit of 10% of total fairway area), horse race courses and gallops and airfields.
This product must not be used on airfields, horse racing courses and gallops or golf tees, greens and fairways that will be grazed by livestock.

Final timing of application

31 August 2021 - Chafer grub EA

  • In the event of a Toxic or Transport Emergency in the UK please telephone 01484 538 444 at any time.