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Dedicated website for Growing Golf with women and children

Growing Golf
Junior attraction for golf
The Growing Golf website highlights ways to open up accessibility and attraction of golf for women and children - which offers an exciting and financially rewarding route for golf courses to grow sustainable businesses

An exciting new look website has been launched to share news and initiatives designed to grow the game of golf, particularly among women and children - to assure the future for players and the industry.

Growing Golf brings together a series of inspirational short stories and case studies as shining examples to give club managers new ideas and direction.

GrowingGolf website

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It also provides a portal to download documents and guides, designed to help clubs grow as sustainable and vibrant businesses.

The site is linked to the initiative, aimed to encourage greater female participation, and the GreenCast golf and turf management website.

One of the case studies highlights the role of golf in alleviating stress and triggering more creative well-being - which would make the game a more attractive proposition than the gym or indoor activities.

Golf is one way of capturing a regular dose of green space to boost psychological well-being, as well as physical health. 

The article, with Professor Jenny Roe, highlights the report of The Global Economic Value of Increased Female Participation in Golf

Growing Golf also tells the stories of golf clubs that have initiated plans for improved playability, such as Moortown Golf Club's management of rough, taking up the Operation Pollinator initiative and ideas to help all clubs cut the carbon footprint of course management activities.

The site clearly guides visitors through key areas of Playability; Productivity and Sustainability.

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A further case study looks at how golf courses could tap into the $35 billion potential of women who are interested in golf, but now need to be encouraged to take up the game.

If golf can make itself more family friendly, there is both an immediate and long-term opportunity to attract and retain many more female golfers, and bring their children into the game.

Growing Golf links directly with a number of other organisations and businesses throughout the golf industry with a shared goal to deliver sustainable business growth and a vibrant, viable game for the future.

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