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Instant on-line sign up for Operation Pollinator

Gaudet Luce wildflower area and course
Operation Pollinator highlights the positive work by greenkeepers to make golf courses more attractive to pollinators and players - and the huge contribution the industry makes to enhance the environment

You can now sign up to join the Operation Pollinator initiative quickly and easily, with an instant on-line form here.

Join the 100 golf courses across the UK already signed up and help to demonstrate the positive actions of the greenkeeping community, and their clubs, to make courses more attractive to pollinators and players alike.

The intention of Operation Pollinator is to demonstrate to players, public and regulators that the golf industry is a massive beneficial environmental asset - and that it is voluntarily contributing a huge amount to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity across the UK.

It is a fantastic good news story that, collectively, creates a powerful message to shout about the good golf courses do for the environment.      

Most courses are already undertaking practices that meets Operation Pollinator objectives - we simply ask that you manage rough and out of play areas in a way that encourages wildflower food resources and habitat for pollinators to breed and overwinter. 

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Operation Pollinator provides tips and guidance to help, if it's applicable to your course and situation; but there is no prescriptive managemnent practices. It recognises that every course and situation is different - with the common objective to enhance the specific ecological resource.

By joining Operation Pollinator there is a wealth of resources to help communicate what you are doing to players within the club, and to the local community as a positive message of your activities.

You'll also have the chance to meet and share experiences with other like-minded greenkeepers and get tips for what works in your type of situation.  

Sign up today, to be proud of what you have already achieved and how you can further enhace the ecological value of your course in the future.  

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