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Turf Science Live

Created by Syngenta and Everris, Turf Science Live provides an exciting, practical hands-on opportunity to interact with leading specialists in many aspects of turf management. Watch the following podcasts from the 2010 event to find out how the event and the techniques it showcased can be used to benefit your turf playing surfaces. You can read a report of the 2011 Turf Science Live, held at The Belfry, by clicking here.

Turf Science Live: An introduction


Turf Science Live: Playing Surface Conversion

Keith Kensett, Kensett Sport

Organic matter control is one of the most important processes required to produce optimal playing surfaces that are smooth, true and firm. Kensett Sport will demonstrate how Primo Maxx can be used in conjunction with deep scarification and simultaneous over-seeding, using the Graden, to hasten the process of botanical conversion.


Turf Science Live: Operation Pollinator

Dr Simon Watson, Syngenta and Dr Ruth Mann, STRI

Native bee populations have declined by more than 70% in the UK in the last 30 years. Syngenta pioneered Operation Pollinator to determine optimal floristic enhancement for pollen and nectar feeders, such as bees and butterflies. Areas of rough dominated by grasses such as Perennial Ryegrass and Yorkshire Fog not only offer poor playability but also offer little biodiversity value. Syngenta and STRI will show how Rescue can be used in golf course rough to select finer fescue grasses, improving the playability and floristic value of these areas.


Turf Science Live: Enhancing Fairway Turf Quality - Part 1, What is Primo Maxx?

Simon Barnaby, Scotts Professional

Primo Maxx is very widely used on golf greens and tees across the UK. However, there is lesser appreciation of the enormous impact that a Primo Maxx programme, along with the right nutrition, can have on enhancing the turf quality of fairways. Fairway quality improvements from a combined Primo Maxx and turf nutrition programme include sward density, mowing reduction, colour, drought resistance, divot recovery, root development, wear tolerance and cutting pattern retention.


Turf Science Live: Enhancing Fairway Turf Quality - Part 2

Simon Barnaby, Scotts Professional