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Hicure Run Club for stress relief and help raise funds

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BTME Early Bird Run

Join us for the Hicure Run Club  in January, and start your programme to relieve stress and build up strength for the season ahead

Wednesday 27th January

Take part with the Hicure Run Club to raise £1000 for the Greenkeepers’ Benevolent Fund

Exercise anytime during the day or Continue To Learn Week that works with you – run, jog or walk the 5K to raise £10 for the fund

Register now and you could receive a premium sports Hicure running shirt* – to keep you cool, safe and seen

Register for your Hicure running shirt here

Hicure running shirt

Then join the Hicure Run Club on Strava, to take part and track your activities alongside other greenkeepers and turf managers. Get the whole team moving and motivated.

Post a picture in your Hicure running shirt for bonus points - #hicure

They’ll be targets and rewards all through the season for just taking part – along with all the benefits of a regular programme to build strength and boost performance  

Find out more about Hicure biostimulant – a first from Syngenta


Run to raise

We’re looking to raise £1000 for the BIGGA Greenkeepers’ Benevolent Fund from participation in the Hicure Stress Relief Run.

Every runner signed up and taking part on Strava will earn £10 from Syngenta for the fund, up to the target £1000.

BIGGA GBF cheque presentaion

The Greenkeepers’ Benevolent Fund has a hugely valuable role with assistance to help greenkeepers to cope in stressful situations.  

Click here to find out more about the Greenkeepers’ Benevolent Fund and what it could do for you

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Register for the Hicure Stress Relief Run here

* Register by Wednesday 20th January to receive your Hicure running shirt. Subject to availability for size and style