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Watch how greenkeepers help transform Stanedge Golf Club

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Fame Tate Changing the business of golf

Greenkeepers have been at the forefront of the latest episode of Syngenta Golf’s fly-on-the-wall documentary, following the fortunes of Stanedge Golf Club in Derbyshire.

Episode three of Syngenta Golf’s new docuseries Changing the Business of Golf is streaming now – and follows the greenkeeping team as they transform Stanedge Golf Club.

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Christian Johnson

‘On Course for Change’ features Head Greenkeeper Christian 'CJ' Johnson as he oversees a major course upgrade while coping with new parenthood; Greenkeeper David Morgan renovates an overgrown par-three; and we meet new recruit James Wyatt, a pilot grounded by the pandemic, as he swaps runways for fairways.

Join Fame, CJ, James and David as the turf team transform the Stanedge course to meet the demands of a growing membership.

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“Nobody really notices the role of the greenkeeper,” says James, who is seeing golf from the greenkeeper’s perspective for the first time. “Everybody comes along, they play their golf, they expect the greens to be tidy, they expect the grass to be in good condition, but as a player you don’t tend to see all of the greenkeepers' efforts involved.”

Fame Tate

But it’s not just customers who have high expectations. New course owner and PGA Professional, Fame Tate, believes course conditions are critically important to the customer experience – and the long-term success of her business.

“The golf course was my number one priority for change,” explains Fame. “If we were going to get people back, it was the golf course that was going to have to change."

“I wait it to look absolutely immaculate. And as much as I wanted to wave my magic wand, make grass grow and make the greens perfect and do all these things instantly, I very quickly realised things take time.”

Stanedge Golf Club

Catch previous episodes following Fame’s remarkable one-woman mission to change golf, transform the customer experience and make her club a friendly and inclusive community venue.

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