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What a weekend - Follow the greenkeepers' experiences

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LGN Ryder Cup preparation
Follow the exploits of the greenkeeping team at Le Golf National. Learn from their experience and pick up some of the tips and tricks

WOW. What an outstanding Thunderclap performance by Team Europe - and what a success for the greenkeepers at Le Golf National. The golf may heve been great, but it's the incredible exploits of the acclaimned greenkeeping team behind the scenes that was really interesting. 

LGN Ryder Cup preparation

It has been an incredible experience for all the 180 greenkeepers on the team. And you can still catch up on all the their experiences on Syngenta Twitter account and Facebook. It's as close as you could get to being there with them game side of the ropes.

LGN Ryder Cup preparation

The opportunity to take part in one of the all time great sporting events has been incredible.

LGN Ryder Cup preparation

Everyone involved has been hugely grateful to the work of Alejandro Reyes and every greenkeeper that has been working on the Team.

LGN Ryder Cup preparation

And all eyes were on the quality of the surfaces. Syngenta Business Managers, Lars Tveter from the Nordics (below left) and the UK's Daniel Lightfoot (right) were both putting their greenkeeping skills to the test and working on the team throughout the tournament.

LGN Ryder Cup preparation - Lars Tveter and Daniel Lightfoot

Early mornings, long days. late nights - fuelled by Red Bull and Mars bars. The team has worked tirelessly to create the perfect playing surfaces for the players to perform. 

LGN Ryder Cup preparation

Find out more about what it meant for the whole greenkeeping team as they stood up to the challenge.  They've brought it home …. 

LGN Ryder Cup preparation   

 The last words go to the BBC commentary team:

European team gets ready to party: Europe win Ryder Cup 17½ to 10½

As the sun sets on Le Golf National, the Ryder Cup organisers are getting the presentation ready on the 18th green. The green keeper must be having kittens.

He deserves a pint or 10. What a course it has been this week.

I'd say it's the best course I've ever seen in a Ryder Cup. Let's get it back again asap.