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Count on Mac for moisture management

Water Management
Michael MacDonell - RCP
Michael 'Mac' MacDonell reports Qualibra has helped produce some of the best summer playing conditions at Royal Cinque Ports - despite the incredibly hot dry weather

Michael 'Mac' MacDonell knows every inch of the turf at Royal Cinque Ports in Kent.

As greenkeeper on reportedly the driest course in the country, he's responsible for hand-watering the high and dry spots through the summer, to maintain high quality playing surfaces on one of the classic links courses.

Early morning watering at Royal Cinque Ports

Under the spotlight as a Qualifying Venue for the Open earlier this month, and despite one of the hottest and driest early summer seasons on record, Mac reported the course looked and was playing better than ever.

James Bledge measuring greens quality at Royal Cinque Ports

The difference this year? - Course Manager, James Bledge (above) introduced a wall-to-wall Qualibra wetting agent programme earlier this season. It set-up the soil and turf rooting conditions to make better use of available moisture and irrigation. 

"I think Qualibra has been the best wetter we have ever used," said Mac. "We've seen no dry patch developimng during the warmest and driest summer for many years."

Summer greens quality at Royal Cinque Ports

"When the greens have dried out now they haven't gone crusty like previous years, so they've stayed firm and fast," he added. "It's certainly made my life a little easier."

Royal Cinque Ports Open Qualifying preparation YouTube video

Watch an amazing video of the awesome Royal Cinque Ports' greenkeeping team, and their band of willing volunteers, preparing the course for the Final Open Qualifier - you'll get to see the great condition of the course and the challenges faced. 

Royal Cinque Ports Open Qualifying preparation YouTube video 2

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