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Water Management

Application of Qualibra wetting and water conservation agent can be faster and more effective when sprayed in a water volume of just 500 litres per hectare, using the new Syngenta XC Nozzle. The new recommendations would mean half the number of sprayer fills compared to traditional applications at 1000 l/ha - with lower costs of time, fuel, wear and tear and less interruption in play on the golf course.

Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, reported trials have shown the same excellent results with deep and even Qualibra distribution in the soil profile when applied at the lower water volume - giving the full benefits for firm playing surface quality and enhanced soil moisture retention through the profile and root zone.

"Historically wetting agents have been applied at very high water volumes to 'wash' them into the soil," he said. "With the advent of new 08 Soil XC Nozzle spray applications can be targeted to reach the soil surface far more effectively. Furthermore, the combined penetrant and polymer technology of Qualibra aides movement down from the surface and retention deeper in the soil profile."

Dr Watson pointed out that a water volume application of 500 l/ha equates to 0.05mm of rainfall per hectare.

For a golf course with a 600-litre tank sprayer, the new recommendations would typically enable all greens to be quickly and conveniently treated with one fill. However, Dr Watson calculated the most significant savings will come when treating fairways - requiring just 10 spray tanks to cover the 12 hectares of an average course, compared to the 20 fills and extra time spent spraying at 1000 l/ha.

The Syngenta 08 Soil XC Nozzle will apply 500 l/ha when spraying at 7 km/hr with an operating pressure of 2.5 bar. The low-drift technology will provide a greater number of spraying opportunities, whist the unique extra coverage design ensures more even distribution on undulating ground (below). The XC Nozzle technology is specifically designed to operate at lower water volumes for turf applications. 

"Spraying at lower water volumes enables more timely application of products when they will have the greatest beneficial effect on turf quality," advised Dr Watson. "We know that the best results with Qualibra are obtained with a programme approach through the season to prevent Dry patch, maintain firm surfaces and optimise to water utilisation and nutrient uptake.

"Faster and more accurate application, with lower water volumes and even coverage with XC Nozzle technology, will help greenkeepers and turf managers to maintain programmes and achieve better results," he added. 

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