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The 025 Syngenta XC Nozzle has been specifically developed to operate at slower speeds for greens and tee applications. The nozzle design incorporates the full innovative XC technology for even coverage on sloping ground, low drift, improved all-round treatment of the leaf surfaces and a low water volume capability.   

The eXtended Coverage Syngenta Turf XC Nozzle resolves issues with uneven application on sloping and undulating ground with an entirely new engineered solution. It incorporates a unique orifice design and a wide spray angle, to produce an improved droplet distribution that is capable of delivering even turf coverage at reduced nozzle heights.

Furthermore, the XC Nozzle design utilises new air induction technology to reduce the risk of spray drift, whilst still creating significantly more droplets to enhance leaf coverage. Testing has shown the XC Nozzles typically produce just 3% of drift susceptible droplets, compared to up to 15% with conventional nozzles.

The XC Nozzle range has been specifically selected to facilitate spray application at reduced water volumes, with excellent results reported from foliar fungicide treatments in volumes as low as 125 l/ha.

Spraying at lower water volumes typically increases spray and product retention on the leaf surface, as well as enabling greater sprayer output per fill for improved timeliness of application and less disruption to players. The 025 Foliar Nozzle would apply 140 - 250 l/ha spraying at three to five km/hr.

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