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The Amenity Forum has published its Top Ten Tips for Pesticide Use. The document sets out important rules and key factors to consider before pesticide use - along with how they are applied.

Alan Spedding, Secretary of the Amenity Forum, highlighted: "Recent changes in legislation and other challenges are highlighting the need for very best practice in weed, pest and disease control.

In summary, the Golden Rules are:

1. Get trained

2.Carefully plan pest, weed and disease control strategies,usinga suitable advisor where necessary

3.Buy pesticides from reputable distributors

4.Store pesticides correctly, use only authorised products and comply with conditions specified on the product label

5.Maintain application equipment

6.Minimise use

7.Protect workers and the public

8.Protect water

9.Check the guidance

10.Keep records

Alan said: "The Amenity Forum has a library of good practice guidance notes covering a range of these topics in more detail. These are available

"It is recommended that, at every level, everyone should operate at a standard equivalent to that required to become Amenity Assured," he added.


Click here to download further details of the Top Ten Tips.