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Make plans for your fungicide programme - Download the digital version here

Disease Control
Syngenta Proactive Fungicide Calendar
Use the new downloadable PowerPoint version of the Syngenta Proactive Fungicide Calendar to plan and manage your turf disease programme for the coming season

Last year Syngenta introduced the Proactive Fungicide Calendar planning poster and guidance to enable superintendents, course managers and agronomists to plan a bespoke fungicide programme for their course - and to stay ahead of disease damage to turf.

The poster has found an invaluable place on greenkeeping facility walls and offices across the country.

Now, you can download a PowerPoint template of the poster that's really easy to use and gives an instant visual picture of what may be needed to protect your turf. 

Download your copy of the PowerPoint Proactive Fungicide Calendar planning poster here

Syngenta Proactive Fungicide Calendar

It's also been made better by adding other elements of the turf management programme, such as Primo Maxx II, Qualibra and Ryder, so you can build up a comprehensive programme that meets all your needs for the coming season.

And the beauty of the electronic PowerPoint is you can go back at any stage and amend the programme as the season progresses an risks and challenges change.

Also, if you use it as a record of what happened and what you did, you can save that as a base for next year's programme. Over time, you'll build a picture of a precise programme that works best for your course.

Download a copy of the accompanying guidelines here:

Planning Your Proactive Fungicide Programme

Planning Your Proactive Fungicide Programme