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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - New sport specific advice for Primo MAXX

Product Update

Syngenta has published new sport specific guides with recommendations for Primo MAXX use over the 2009 season.

Whilst all sports turf managers have the same objective in preparring the best quality turf surfaces for players, the demands of a fine turf bowling or golf green are very different to a winter sports training pitch. A Primo MAXX programme for fairways and semi-rough can deliver significant benefits and cost savings for reduced mowing and improved quality, but requires a different approach to use on greens to promote density and ball roll qualities. 


Key new information for the 2009 season includes advice on application rates for early spring applications as the grass growing season starts, plus recommendations for tailoring Primo MAXX application rate and frequency to the grass growth potential throughout the season.


For winter sports pitch renovation there is a new programme of recommended application rates and timings for pre- and post-over seeding treatments. The programme, developed following trials by STRI and the experiences of turf managers, is designed to suppress extisiting turf to enable new seedlings to establish, followed with treatments to encourage new rooting and tillering to create stringer, more wear resistant turf cover and get pitches back in play as quickly as possible.


Further advice is also being preparred on recommended nutrition and feeding programes for turf to be used in conjunction with Primo MAXX.


To download a pdf version of the latest Primo MAXX brochures click on the required brochure cover below.




To receive a copy of any of the brochures by post, please call Syngenta Publications on 0800 652 4216 or email [email protected] with your name, address and details of the brochure or brochures you would like to receive