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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - Rescue Resources Page gives on line help for green keepers

Product Update

Up to 60% of green keepers will be looking to use the revolutionary new selective herbicide, Rescue, to remove weed Ryegrass from fine turf surfaces this autumn, according to feedback from the recent Rescue Roadshows held across the country. Experience from user trials by green keepers across the country has shown that initial applications in September and October can be most effective in controlling Ryegrass and enabling successful over seeding to restore fine turf surfaces.


In addition to the practical advice provided at the meetings, Syngenta has now created a dedicated Rescue Resources page on the company's industry leading turf management web site - - to give instant and free access to a range of unique tools and management aides for more effective use and results. 


The web site's Rescue Resources include an 'industry first' downloadable PowerPoint presentation for green keepers to use with club committees and  club managers, explaining the problems caused by Ryegrass infestations, the options for control and how the Rescue Programme can be used to improve turf quality on their course. The presentation can be fully customised by greenkeepers with pictures and information for their own individual clubs.


Syngenta Professional Products Manager, Simon Elsworth, reports the company's recent survey of over 250 greenkeepers and turf managers identified the influence of club managers and committees has increased significantly over the past five years, and is now second only to the greenkeepers' own experience in dictating agronomy and turf management decisions.


"Clearly with the increased role of club managers and committees in the everyday decisions made by green keepers it is essential they have the tools and information to improve communication and understanding. The Rescue Programme has huge potential to enhance playing surfaces, so it is important they understand the process and the objectives in order to commit to the necessary investment," he advises.


To further help with the communication process the Rescue Resources also include a downloadable poster that can be printed out and posted up in the clubhouse to explain to playing members what is going on, what they can expect to see, and the end result they can enjoy. The poster can be fully customised with pictures of specific holes and areas of treatment around the course, as well as updating with new pictures as the process is fulfilled. Printed copies of the poster are being distributed with all Rescue sales.


Other practical resources for green keepers include a unique Rescue Grass Identification Guide, available as an easy to use on-line version or downloadable .pdf for printing.


In just one click green keepers can also download a Q&A covering a breadth of common questions related to Rescue use and, if the answer's not there, they can send an instant email direct to Syngenta Technical Manger, Dr Simon Watson. There are also downloadable versions of the full Rescue brochure and the full report of green keepers experiences involved in the product's development trials.